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Bàn kiểm chuẩn áp suất LR-Cal LDW-H

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Deadweight Tester
Pressure Balance

Model LR-Cal LDW-H

Deadweight Tester (Pressure Balance, Primary Standard for Pressure), single-piston and double-piston versions, hydraulic, pressure ranges from 1...120 bar to 1...1,400 bar and 10...1,600 psi to 10...20,000 psi.
Accuracy (measurement uncertainty) to ±0.006% or to ±0.015% vom Messwert.




  • Primary standard for defining the pressure scale in a range up to 1,400 bar hydraulic
  • Reference instrument for calibration laboratories and factory for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Complete, stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use

Special features:

  • Total measurement uncertainty to 0.006% of measured value
  • Dual-range piston-cylinder system with fully automated changing between ranges
  • Factory calibration includes traceability to national standards, as standard. Optional with UKAS or DKD/DAkkS calibration
  • High long-term stability with recommended recalibration cycle every 5 years
  • Fast and safe replacement of the piston-cylinder system via quick-release system as an option


Thông số kỹ thuật

Technical data for basement model LR-Cal LDW-H


Base version

Hydraulic, standard, LR-CalLDW-H-S


up to a max. 1,200 bar / 16,000 psi; with internal pressure generation

Hydraulic, high-pressure, LR-Cal LDW-H-H


up to a max. 1,400 bar / 20,000 psi; with internal pressure generation

Pressure transmission medium



Hydraulic fluid based on mineral oil



Sebacate oil, Brake fluid, Skydrol, Fomblin oil or Water (dependant upon measuring range)

Fluid reservoir




Connection for piston-cylinder system


3/4" BSP male; optional: quick-release connector (not for 1,400 bar version)

Test item connector


1/2" BSP female quick connector as standard, freely rotating, changeable
(for other threaded inserts, see accessories)


Piping in instrument base


Stainless steel  1.4404, 6 x 2 mm


Base"standard", LR-Cal LDW-H-S


18.0 (19.0 with optional quick-release connector)

Base "high-pressure", LR-CalLDW-H-H



Optional storage case for basement



Permissible ambient conditions

Operating temperature




Base (both versions)


W 400 x D 375 x H 265


Approvals and certificates for model LR-Cal LDW-H


  • CE-Conformity: Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC (Module A)
  • Calibration: factory certificate of calibration, traceable
  • Optional UKAS- (DKD-/DAkkS-) certification

Scope of delivery and Options LR-Cal LDW-H

Scope of delivery:


  • Base with adjustable feet
  • Priming pump
  • Spindle pump for pressure generation and fine adjustment
  • Piston connection with 3/4" BSP male thread
  • Quick connector for test items with 1/2" BSP female threaded insert, changeable
  • Piston-cylinder system
  • Standard mass sets in carrying case
  • Set of masses manufactured to standard gravity (9.80665 m/s²)
  • Mineral oil bases hydraulic fluid (1.0 litre)
  • Manual in English and German language
  • Factory calibration certificate, traceable to national standards



  • Other pressure transmission media
  • Piston connection with quick-release connector
  • System with increased accuracy to 0.006%
  • Other pressure units
  • Set of masses manufactured to local gravity
  • Fine increment weights
  • Storage case for the base and the piston-cylinder system
  • DKD/DAkkS or UKAS calibration certificate


Tùy chọn phụ kiện

Accessories for model LR-Cal LDW-H





The weights included in the standard mass set or fine inrement weights are ideally suited for every day use. If smaller intermediate values need to be generated, we recommend using a set of trim masses.

Trim mass set, class F1
(1 x 50 g, 2 x 20 g, 1 x 10 g, 1 x 5 g, 2 x 2 g, 1 x 1 g,
1 x 500 mg, 2 x 200 mg, 1 x 100 mg, 1 x 50 mg,
2 x 20 mg, 1 x 10 mg, 1 x 5 mg, 2 x 2 mg, 1 x 1 mg


Trim mas set, class M1
(1 x 50 g, 2 x 20 g, 1 x 10 g, 1 x 5 g, 2 x 2 g, 1 x 1 g,
1 x 500 mg, 2 x 200 mg, 1 x 100 mg, 1 x 50 mg,
2 x 20 mg, 1 x 10 mg, 1 x 5 mg, 2 x 2 mg, 1 x 1 mg


As a standard, the deadweight tester / pressure balance is equipped with a quick connector for connecting the test item. For this purpose, various threaded adapters, which can be easily changed, are available:

Adapter set: 1/4" BSP, 3/8" BSP, 1/2" NPT and M20 x1.5

Additionally the sets of adapters include spare O-rings as well as a spanner with SW32 flats and SW14 flats, for changing the adapters. 


Adapter set "NPT": 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT


Test item connecting piece, 3/4" BSP female to 1/2" BSP female, free-rotating, operation as a comparison test pump is possible (---> base unit with 2 test item connectors)


90° angle connection, for test items with back mounting connection


Separator (without diaphragm), max. 1,000 bar


Separator (to separate 2 liquid media by diaphragm), max. 700 bar


Separator (to separate 2 liquid media by diaphragm), max. 1,200 bar


O-ring set consisting of 5 pcs. 8 x 2 and 5 pcs. 4 x 2.2 (for piston connector and test item connector)


Special operating fluid: hydraulic fluid based on mineral oil


Adapter for mounting piston-cylinder system into a quick-release mechanism


Special test-item adapter with quick connect, for the matching to the quick-release system, operation as a comparison test pump possible


Electrical piston drive unit for 700 bar, 1,200 bar and 1,400 bar measuring ranges (230 VAC / 50 Hz)


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