Hệ thống báo động trực ca buồng lái BNWMS-100
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Hệ thống báo động trực ca buồng lái BNWMS-100

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BNWMS-100 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System is specially designed to comply with the requirement of MSC. 128(75). The function of the system is given in case of the incapacity of the watch-keeping officer due to accident sickness or in the event of event of a security breach, e.g. Piracy and/or hijaking. When this occurs, the system will emits a series of gradually extend alarm till the relevant person pay attention to the condition until the alarm. So, make sure the OOW is on his duty.


Main Alarm Control Cabinet: Equipped with all the interfaces, such as, power ON/OFF, connecting Control panel with watch alarm panel, etc. Be installed i n bridge console or suitable place within the bridge area.


Main Alarm Panel is the center of the system and used to startup system, select operation mode, arrange backup watch officer, setup system dormant period, reset the system, call in emergency, display running status and so on.

  • Type: BW-20
  • Protection class: IP22
  • Installation: Flush type
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 156x156x58 mm

Officer alarm device

  • Type: BW-40
  • Power: DC24V
  • Protection: I p22
  • Installation: Flush type
  • Cable inlet: bottom
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 58x106x50 mm

Reset Panel (Optional): include audio visual alarm and reset push button, installed in wheel house or navigation bridge wing and used to reset the system by bridge watch-keeper.

  • Type: BW-30
  • Power: DC24V
  • Protection: IP22
  • Installation: Flush type
  • Cable inlet: bottom
  • Color: Black
  • Outline size: 58x106x50mm

Crew alarm device

  • Type: BW-50
  • Rated power: DC24V
  • Crew alarm device
  • Type: BW-50
  • Working power: DC24V
  • Installation: wall type

PIR Motion detector

  • Type: BW-61
  • Installation: Ceiling type;
  • Coverage: about 2 times the mounting height: D~2xH (when Height is 2.4 - 3.7m)
  • Dimension (φxH): 1 15 x 35 (mm)
  • Power supply: DC 9-15V
  • Working current: 15mA
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