Bể nhiệt chuẩn cố định BK40-M

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Bể nhiệt chuẩn cố định BK40-M

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Stationary temperature calibration bath

Model LR- Cal BK40-M

Range -40 ° C. .. +125 ° C


The portable temperature calibration bath LR- Cal BK40-M serves as a resource and reference temperature in one unit, for testing and calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all kinds, it is particularly well suited for laboratory and glass thermometer.

It is characterized by a particularly robust construction with stainless steel liquid tank, and modern microprocessor controller.

The large usable volume of about 10 liters ensures high temperature stability over the entire range, characterized gleichzeitigke a calibration of multiple samples is possible. The heating vessel is filled with a suitable calibration which is supported by means of a vertical stirrer continuously in a homogeneous state. The agitator is driven by an electric motor 80W. The units are also equipped with a safety, an overflow and a valve for emptying the hot box.

Optionally, the temperature calibration bath can LR- Cal BK40-M are provided with a vertical overflow system to further improve the temperature stability and uniformity.

The thermostatic temperature calibration bath LR- Cal BK40-M is used

  • Testing and calibration of temperature sensors
  • Testing and calibrating glass thermometers
  • Testing and calibration of temperature measuring chains
  • Checking and adjustment of thermostats and thermostatic valves


Thông số kỹ thuật

Specification of the stationary temperature Kalibrierbads LR- Cal BK40-M


Temperature range

-40 ° C. .. +125 ° C


± 0.05 ° C


0.02 ° C radial and axial

Stability indicator



± 0.2 ° C up to +120 ° C

Display resolution

0.01 ° C

Temperature display

° C / ° F switchable



Thermostat test circuit


Ramp function


Switch Test


Temperature bath

Stainless steel, Nutzdruchmesser 85 mm, depth 340 mm


230 VAC ± 10%


2500 W


60 kg (shipping weight about 74 kg)


450 x 450 x 925/1300 mm


Recommended calibration media:






Cooling gradient

-40 ... +80 ° C

äthylenisches Glycol

± 0.05 ° C (20 ° C)

± 0.05 ° C

0.4 ° C / min.

-20 ... +125 ° C

Silicone oil 47V20

± 0.05 ° C (20 ° C)

± 0.1 ° C

1 ° C / min.


Scope of delivery and accessories for the stationary temperature calibration bath LR-Cal BK40-M

Standard delivery:

  • Stationary temperature calibration bath LR- Cal BK40-M or M-TR-BK40 and BK40-M-2I andBK40-M-TR-2I
  • Heizbehälterdeckel with 5 holes, 16 mm in diameter, with guide tube
  • Spare fuses
  • Cable for power supply
  • Connection cable for thermostat tests
  • Manual
  • Holding device for test
  • Execution only LR- Cal BK40-M-2I and BK40-M-TR-2I: 
    Electrical connection cable (red / black), screw (red / black) for the two measurement inputs


Tùy chọn phụ kiện

Optional accessories:


Article number



Pot with 10 kg äthylenischem Glycol 
range -40 ° C. .. +80 ° C


Pot with 9 kg of silicone oil 47V20 
range -20 ° C. .. +125 ° C


Pot with 9 kg of silicone oil 47V100 
range +20 ° C. .. +200 ° C


PC software LR- Cal AQ2sp
incl RS232 interface lead temperature sensor calibration: automatic calibration routine for all type of temperature sensor with advanced search features reference sensor stabilization, time-calibration data are stored for printing and Automatically Populated report. This procedure can therefore be ran in manual mode to allow the operator to manually enter the data. . This is Particular useful When calibrating temperature device: such as digital thermometer or analogue thermometer stress test: Simply set MAX and MIN value and the software will run on automatic stress test on single sensor or a batch. Advance thermostat calibration: Simply set the open and close temperature limits, type of thermostat, type of test and the software will Automatically run the test.


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