Bơm tạo áp thủy lực chuẩn LR-Cal LSP 1000-BM
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Bơm tạo áp thủy lực chuẩn LR-Cal LSP 1000-BM

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Test Pumps - spindle pump for calibration

Model LR- Cal LSP 1000-BM

  • Pressure Source for calibration, hydraulic, pressure up to +1000 bar
  • Operating fluid: Hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil
  • With built-in booster pump
  • And high pressures can be generated via the spindle pressures without much effort and fine-tune
  • Execution in a sturdy metal housing

Description LR- Cal LSP 1000-BM Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe


The Pressure Comparison Test Pumps LR- Cal LSP-BM 1000 used to generate pressure for testing, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by comparative measurements of all kinds. These pressure tests may be in the laboratory or workshop, but also on site to take place at the measuring point.

If you connect the pressure gauge to be tested and a sufficiently accurate reference pressure gauge to the Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe LR- Cal LSP-BM 1000, so effective for actuating the pump to both measuring the same pressure. By comparing the two measured values ​​at any pressure values ​​can be a review of the accuracy or an adjustment of the instrument under test.

For the exact start of the measurement points, the Pressure Comparison Test Pumps (screw pumps) are LR- Cal LSP-BM 1000 equipped with a fine to be operated spindle wheel.The devices are characterized by a current within the pump body rotating spindle, so that there is no adverse bending torque on a spindle, and particularly for mobile applications also has the advantage that the size of the Test Pumps not changed during operation by turning the spindle. The Pressure Comparison Test Pumps LR- Cal LSP-BM 1000 requires only a very small effort.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Specification LR- Cal LSP 1000-BM Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe


Pressure range


0 .. 1000



Hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil

Pressure connections


2 x G 1/2 "internal thread, free running, with inserted sealing ring

Liquid reservoir



Piston diameter





about 3.9 (about 0.1 per revolution)



at 250 bar: 2.0, at 500 bar: 4.0, at 1000 bar: 8.0



Brass, stainless steel, aluminum, FKM, NBR

Distance between the pressure ports:





W 400 x D 375 x H 265 (without spindle cross)






Robust metal housing with adjustable feet

Article number




Tùy chọn phụ kiện

Accessories for LR- Cal LSP 1000-BM Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe


Product no.



Plug G 1/2 brass 
to closing both pressure ports 
2 pieces needed


Replacement O-ring seals for the pressure ports 
(4 x 2,2 and 5 pcs 5 pcs 8 x 2)


Thread Adapter Kit in Case for EUT 
G 1/4, G 3/8, 1/2 "NPT and M 20x1, 5 
including Wrench 32


90 ° angle adapter 1/2 "when Gauges 
should be checked radial pressure port on the back


Hydraulic fluid based on mineral oil, 1 liter bottle


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