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Đồng hồ chuẩn áp lực LR-Cal TLDMM-A01

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Digital Pressure Gauge Model LR- Cal TLDMM-A01

The digital precision reference pressure meter LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 offers you:

  • Accuracy ± 0.1% FS including factory calibration
  • Pressure ranges up to 2000 bar
  • Battery (1 year autonomy without battery)
  • Pressure unit selectable bar, mbar, psi, MPa, kPa
  • MIN and MAX memory, "peak" function (peak detection)
  • Programmable digital filters
  • Pressure connection: G 1/2 "external thread, stainless steel
  • Large, well-read LCD display, including bar graph

LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 Description

  • The digital Feinmessmanometerr LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 has an excellent long-term stability, a 16-bit A / D converter and advanced microprocessor control. It is ideal for reference pressure measurements, and testing and calibration.
  • He's with the Calibration Test Pump LR- Cal LPP 30 and LR- Cal LPP 60 (pneumatic) and LR- Cal LPP 700 and LR- Cal LPP 1000 (hydraulic) ideally suited for on-site use. In conjunction with the Vergleichsprüfeinrichtungen LR- Cal LSP (spindle pumps) actually he is very good also for operation in the laboratory and in the workshop.
  • The battery-powered digital LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 operates independently of the mains without battery change over a year, not least because the intelligent automatic power off (off automatically if approximately 30 minutes no change in pressure was measured). The user can switch between several printing units; change the display resolution and a digital filter program. Thus, the Digital Pressure Gauge is suitable LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 for measurement and calibration of all types
  • The components used (sensors, electronics, housing) are extremely durable and provide it to operate even under higher loads (vibrations, pressure surges) safely. In addition to digital and analog display of the pressure (bar graph) is shown. This also occurs if the operator is in the programming menu.
  • A calibration certificate, traceable to National Standards, is part of the standard specification.
  • Optionally, the digital manometer can LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 are supplied with an RS-232 interface. In addition, a serial cable to your PC and a little (English-language) software to demonstrate the reading of the RS232 interface are available on request.
  • There is also the type LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 also in a version for panel mounting (back connection pressure back), and a power supply via a power supply 230 VAC (instead of battery).
  • The Digital Pressure Gauge LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 can be excellent with portable calibration hand pumps and stationary Pressure Comparison Test Pumps are used.


Dải đo

LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 Ranges


Measuring range [bar]

Maximum display resolution [bar]

0 .. 1


0 .. 2.5


0 .. 5


0 .. 10


0 .. 20


0 .. 50


0 .. 100


0 .. 250


0 .. 350


0 .. 500


0 .. 700


0 .. 1000


0 .. 1500


0 .. 2000


-1 +1 ...


-1 ... +2.5


-1 ... +5


-1 ... +20



Thông số kỹ thuật

LR- Cal TLDMM-A01 Specification


Linearity and hysteresis

<= ± 0.1% FS

Measuring rate (when digital filter is set to zero)

10 per second (every 100 ms a measurement)


Reference +23 ° C ambient 0 .. +50 ° C, storage -10 ... +60 ° C

Effect of temperature

at the zero point <= ± 0.002%, with sensitivity of <= 0.002%

Programmable functions

Zero: 50%; digital filter: 0 .. 99%, display resolution 1, 2, 5 or 10 digits; pressure unit bar, mbar, MPa, kPa, psi; With optional RS232 interface: Baud rate 19200, 99600, 4800; peak Function: positive (+) and negative (-)


LCD, digit height 16 mm, contrast


4 Alkaline Batteries 1,5 V, size AA, commercially

Allowable compressive stress / pressure

Static pressure: 100% FS; highly dynamic pressures: 75% FS; Permissible Pressure: max. 150% FS; burst pressure> 300% FS

Pressure connection

G 1/2 B Manometergewinde without sealing plug

Recommended Seal

USIT, on the threaded end

Maximum torque at the pressure port

28 Nm


Material: Aluminum, Dimensions: 132 x 80 x 48 mm


IP 40

Optional RS232 interface

9-pin D-SUB (female)


Tùy chọn phụ kiện

Recommended accessories:


Product no.



Sealing cone, recommended for ranges above 1000 bar


Volumenreduzierstück, recommended for use with Calibration Test Pump LR- Cal LPP 30 or LR- Cal LPP 60


Built-in version (pressure port on the back, for panel mounting)


Power supply via AC adapter (instead of battery)


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