Hệ thống báo nước vào hầm hàng AU-160D
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Hệ thống báo nước vào hầm hàng AU-160D

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General and Application:

This System has been specially designed, manufactured for detecting the presence of water in the cargo holds and closed dry or void space where the volume exceeds 0.1% of the ship's displacement volume on summer load water line, located partially or totally forward of the foremost card hold, and ballast tanks located forward of the foremost cargo hold, collision bulkhead of Bulk carrier in conformity with SOLAS regulation.


The Position of Detection:

A reliable indication of water reaching a present level will be supplied on our water ingress detection system according to following installation position required by SOLAS. These level switches should be installed either in the aft part of each cargo hold or in the lowest part of the spaces other than cargo holds to which these requirements apply.


For Cargo Hold

  • An alarm, both visual and audible for which the space is identified on the main alarm panel will be activated when the depth of water at the level sensor reaches the pre-alarm in the space being monitored.
  • An alarm, both visual and audible on the main alarm panel will be activated when the level of water at the sensor reaches the main alarm level, indicating increasing water level in a cargo hold.
  • In addition, the both alarm will identify the space and the audible alarm should not be the same as that for the pre-alarm level.

For compartments other than cargo holds

  • An alarm, both visual and audible, indicating the presence of water in a compartment other than a cargo hold on the main alarm panel will be activated when the level of water in the space being monitored reaches the sensor.
  • The visual and audible characteristics of the alarm indication will be the same as those for the main alarm level in a hold space.


  • Intrinsically safe detection can be applicable to all of inflammable area, if required.
  • Available for any number of detecting points.
  • Available for applying various type level switches according to configuration of the tank
  • Available for the overriding device for which the alarm can be deactivated or reactivated

Principle Operation:

This system consists of the Main alarm panel / Repeat alarm panel on which the audible and visual alarms are activated and Electrode Type Level Switch operated by detecting the conductivity in the liquid and Intrinsically Safety barrier according to purpose or the position of the installation. When the presence of water has reached the detecting point of level switch installed on the preset detection level in the cargo holder or other space, the electric signals which is activated on the level switches are transmitted to the main alarm panel provided with alarm unit, power supply unit and alarm buzzer, malfunction alarm as well as overriding device.
At the same time, the audible and visual alarm is activated on the main alarm panel installed on the NavigationBridge and the repeat alarm panel installed on the bridge.

  • The overriding device for which the alarm can be deactivated or reactivated for the detector installed in the tank and holds used for carriage of water ballast will be provided on the alarm panel according to the SOLAS regulation. An override visual indication should be continuously provided throughout deactivation of the water level detector for the hold or tanks used for carriage of water ballast. Where such an override function is provided, the override condition should be automatically reactivated after the hold or tank has been deballasted the a level alarm indicator, the malfunction alarm having visual and audible alarm the same as detection alarm on the main alarm panel should be activated to monitor continuously the system. The audible alarm should be capable of being muted but the visual indication should remain active until the malfunction is cleared.
  • The main power and standby power should be prepared on this system and if main power is failed, the standby power should be supplied to the main alarm panel so as to monitor continuously. When the main power is failed, the power failure alarm having audible and visual alarm should be operated. The water ingress detection system should be continuously operated while the ship is at sea.
  • The Electrode Type Level Switch installed in appointed space should be satisfied with the intrinsically safe type with the I.S barrier.
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