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Hệ thống xử lý nước dằn OceanGuard

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OceanGuard ™ Ballast Water Management System

Shipping moves over 80% of the world's commodities and transfers approximately 3 to 5 billion tonnes of ballast water internationally each year.

Ballast water is absolutely essential to the safe and efficient operation of modern shipping, providing balance and stability to un-laden ships. However, it may also pose serious threats to ecology, economy and health.

There are thousands of marine species that may be carried in ships' ballast water, basically anything that is small enough to pass through a ship's ballast water intake 
ports and pumps. If these organisms survive transport to other parts of the globe, their impact can be devastating. Such invasions can jeopardize the local ecosystem, and even pose threats to human health. Usually, their effects are irreversible.

The introduction of invasive marine species into new environments by ships' ballast water, attached to ships' hulls and via other vectors has been identified as one of the four greatest threats to the world's oceans. In 2004, IMO adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, which will phase in requirements for ballast water treatment over the coming years.


D-2 Regulation

In International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, the following D-2 Regulation is addressed regarding management of ballast water.


AEOP Technology of OceanGuard™ BWMS

OceanGuard™ BWMS is developed by Headway Technology Co., Ltd. together with HarbinEngineeringUniversity.  OceanGuard™ BWMS adopts Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) to kill microbes, bacteria, viruses and dormant ovum in water by using special semiconductor materials under electron excitation and the hydroxyl radicals (·OH) formed by water molecules. Hydroxyl radical (·OH) produced in AEOP is one of the most active substances with very strong oxidizability. It can have different kinds of chemical reactions with almost all biological macromolecules, microorganisms and other organic pollutants instantaneously. Besides, it has extremely fast reaction rate and strong negative charge electron affinities. The end products of reaction are CO2, H2O and traces of inorganic salt without any hazardous residuals. Therefore, the treated water can be discharged out of board without any pollution. The chemical reaction which involves hydroxyl radical is free radical reaction, and it is extremely fast. Generally, the reaction rate with organics is over 109 L/ (mol.s).

Moreover, the form and existence time of hydroxyl radicals is quite short, which is less than 10-12 s, so that the high efficiency and effectiveness of OceanGuard™ BWMS can be guaranteed.




Control Unit: Control Unit is responsible for regulating the entire system including collection of various signals from the sensors, Management of alarm signals and controls of system startup and shutdown.  It contains all procedures for the system operation, displays the system working condition, including the working condition of various parts as well as data and status reported by real time inspection from various sensors.


Filter: OceanGuard™ adopts full auto-back flushing filter, which can realize the simultaneous operation of filtration and back flush. The filtration precision is 50μm. It can remove organisms larger than 50μm in ballast water to prevent micro organisms and sediments entering ballast tank.


EUT: EUT Unit is the core of OceanGuard™ BWMS. Each single unit has the treatment capacity from 100-3000m3/h. The Unit comprises of two parts: Electrocatalysis Unit and Ultrasound Unit. The Electrocatalysis Unit is able to produce large numbers of hydroxyl radicals and other highly active oxidizing substances to kill all organisms in ballast water within several nanoseconds. The whole sterilization process is completed inside the EUT Unit.  During the treatment process, the Ultrasound Unit can clean the surface of Electrocatalysis Unit regularly to keep the long-term treatment effectiveness of the electrocatalysis material.

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