Hệ thống chống hà bám bằng điện cực RDDJ

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Hệ thống chống hà bám bằng điện cực RDDJ

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Marine Growth Preventing System RDDJ


Energize the marine growth preventing anode and corrosion anode, installing at sea chest, for electrolysis to form electrolyte by the anode. Then, send the electrolyte to the entire cooling seawater piping by seawater pump in order to prevent marine growth from the pipeline as well as prevent corrosion damage for pipeline. The equipment is applicable to the seawater cooling circulation system for ocean and coastal ship, offshore oil drilling platform, coastal power plant.



  • Efficiency: =96%
  • Length the lifetime by three times.
  • Shake-proof, damp-proofing, high-temperature resistance, temperature resistance, continuously adjustable current, over-current protection.
  • The anode has a high level of efficiency in electrolysis so that supply required ion concentration for seawater piping.
  • There are three-tire protection measures with high water tightness.
  • Under emergency, the system automatically turns off the power in order to protect the anode cover and keep the sea chest water tightness.

Technical specification:

  • Input voltage: AC110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Output voltage DC24V/channel
  • Output current: 0~2A each channel, adjustable
  • Panel size: 78W*88L*168H (mm)
  • Electrode size: Diameter= 75~ 120, length compared with system requirement
  • Processed seawater volume: 100~800m /h
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