Đầu dò nhiệt lò nung FRS-TH-076-800-WUW
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Đầu dò nhiệt lò nung FRS-TH-076-800-WUW

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Axial/radial furnace probe system for IR-TH-camera systems in high temperature version with temperature measurement - compatible to PIEPER's ASZ retracting device 

Fixed installation thermal imaging system for high-temperature applications e.g. on metal surfaces. The camera detects temperatures in ranges between 600 and 3000°C. Moreover, the camera features a 1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet for data transmission.

The camera is integrated into an industrial proven enclosure with cooling system.  


Camera system

  • Temperature measurement range: ranges between 600...1600°C or ranges between 800...3000°C 
  • Uncooled, fully radiometric detector (UFPA) 
  • Spectral range: NIR (short wavelength) 
  • Display of temperature at 307.200 measuring points (640 x 480 pixel) 
  • Unique measurement accuracy of 0,5% of reading 
  • Display of images in real-time at 60 Hz (60 images per second)

Thermovision Online Software

  • Display of thermal or full-video 
  • User-defined regions (Point, Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon) 
  • Interpretations: Hotspot, Ø Temperature, Min./Max.-Temperature in °C, °F or Kelvin 
  • Temperature trend JPEG or bitmap storage 
  • Export to Excel or CSV 
  • Detail magnification 
  • Temperature readout of ordinate or abscissa 
  • Operating system Windows XP or Vista 
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