Camera giám sát lò nung FK-N-CF-1313-2-IQ
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Camera giám sát lò nung FK-N-CF-1313-2-IQ

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PIEPER IP Fixed Cameras for security applications come in a wide range of resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels. They are equipped with a CS-mount with DC iris drive as a standard feature, so you can choose from a wide range of camera lenses and integrate the most suitable one for your security needs.

An ultra-compact, all-metal housing with a 109.7 mm x 29 mm x 44 mm size and a weight of only 210 grams makes these the smallest IP cameras in their class. These characteristics contribute to their flexibility and ease of installation.

All components used in PIEPER IP Cameras are specifically selected to form a high quality, “made in Germany” product. Please contact us for information about accessories available for PIEPER IP Fixed Cameras. We offer a wide variety of lenses and outdoor housings.

Key Features

  • Multi-encoding
  • Multi-streaming
  • Scaling and AOI feature
  • Progressive Scan
  • Ideal image quality
  • Day and night functionality
  • Motion detection and intelligent alarm buffering
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