Thiết bị báo động nồng độ dầu la canh FOCAS-2000
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Thiết bị báo động nồng độ dầu la canh FOCAS-2000

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The Fellow Kogyo FOCAS-2000 Bilge Alarm using a full optical continuous measuring method can sure grasp changes of oil concentration every moment while providing a very quick measurement response.

The light coming from optical elements is received by multiple optical elements. Then, a complicated analysis about changes of oil type or concentration and differences of pattern due to mixed foreign substances can be made by CPU and software in an instant through calculation.


Product Features:

  • This product adopts an automatic operation method using sample water pressure which is matched to the operation of an oil separator or pump.
  • The automatic washing function of the detection unit can reduce troublesome manual washing work.
  • An error code indication provided at occurrence of a device fault and a stain indication of the detection unit facilitates maintenance and inspection. The product has a high-maintainability structure.
  • Operation records such as trouble alarms can be saved in a memory card and confirmed card and confirmed as required.
  • For alarms, a double safety method is used. When the oil concentration is 15 ppm or more, and when sample water is defective or the instrument is defective, an alarm is output.
  • Replacement of detecting part (sensor unit) separately sold can be accepted as the completion of every five years’ calibration.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Product Specification


Measuring method

Full optical continuous measuring method

Operating method

Sample water pressure auto operation

Measuring interval

Measuring sampling time: 1 sec or less

Measuring range

0 to 30 ppm

Measuring accuracy

±5 ppm or less (at 15 ppm)

Measuring pressure

0.03 to 0.3 MPa

Measuring water temperature

+2 to +45°C

Measuring flow rate

0.2 to 3 L/min

Washing air

0.3 to 0.9 MPa (Use for option: The automatic washing function)

Bearable vibration

2 Hz to 13.2 Hz, amplitude ± 1.0 mm
13.2 to 80 Hz, acceleration ± 0.7G 

Bearable angle of inclination

22.5 deg in all planes of operation

Oil concentration alarm



1c contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact


1b contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact 

Defect alarm 

1c contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact 

Power failure alarm 

1c contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact 

Combined alarm  


1c contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact 


1b contact (250 VAC, 2 A max.)no-voltage contact 

Electromagnetic valve relay output P.S. 

1a contact Owner voltage contact supplied power sourcv voltage (1.5 or less VA of loads

Recorder output 

DC 4 to 20 mA 

Supply power and and power consumption 

5 to 264 V AC (The maximum peak voltage) 50 to 60 Hz 20 VA max

Operating(working) temperature 

0°C to 50°X, 5 to 90%RH(no-condensing) 

Leaving(storage) temperature 

-20°C to 70°C, 5 to 90%RH(no-condensing)  

Material and coating color

Sensor unit Material: Al 5056, C3604
Surface treatment: Alumite Nickel plating 

Shape and weight

Sensor separation type Total weight = Approx. 5.9 kg (except accessories) 

External dimensions 

W = 270 mm x H = 355 mm x D = 120 mm
(excluding projections. When an auto washing unit (option) is equipped) 


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