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Hệ thống điều khiển van thủy lực từ xa

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Hydraulic type Valve Remote Control System

Control unit:

  • Computer Control with Soft MIMIC, Conventional Control with Hard MIMIC

Solenoid Valve Cabinet:

  • Most of solenoid valve cabinet is tailor-make to suit your own specification. Floor-mount or bulkhead mount, accessible from front, finish in marine execution, for location in dry and safe environment, with fully enclosed integrated electric, switch box, with lifting eyes for crane handling.
  • The complete unit will be ready for installation and tested in factory.
  • The cabinet is internally fully piped and wired to numbered terminals ready for external connection.
  • The yards pipes can be connected to number couplings.

Hydraulic Pump Unit:

  • The device produce the hydraulic pressure used to operate the connected remote control valves. It is composed by Tank, hydraulic pump, accumulator and control panel
  • The tank capacity is defined by the total operating volume of the connected actuators
  • Their accumulator capacity, however, is defined by the capacity needed to operate the three biggest actuators of the connected system, in case of pump failure or loss of electric power.
  • The control panel is used to local control the hydraulic pump unit and monitor the running status of its.
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